Our Queen

FRANKLIN, IN, [Labor Day Weekend] -Horror Hostess QUEEN OF TRASH makes her return this fall to host the B-MOVIE CELEBRATION in Franklin, Indiana. This first appearance in five years heralds her return to
horror-hosting with her upcoming show MIDNIGHT MOVIE ATTACK.

The Queen of Trash hosted The Sacramento Horror Film Festival, Amber Sweets shadow-cast of REPO: The Genetic Opera and Franklin’s 8-Movie Celebration and co-host of Sacramento’s Trash Film Orgy. She was a featured guest at the East Bay’s Thrillville shows at the Parkland in Oakland and the El Cerrito Theater in El Cerrito and the Psychotronic Film Festival at Santa Clara’s Foothill College. She produced Grindhouse Thursdays at Sacramento’s Townhouse nightclub. She was a repeat guest-star on Cinema Insomnia and Friday Night Fright Flicks and featured in the films El Tigre Diab/a & the Curse of the Golden Skull, Palace of Stains and Ted V Mikels, Astra Zombies: M3 Cloned.

The Queen of Trash was the star of her own comic book [Queen of Trash, {B-Minus Comics)] and appeared in numerous magazines including Scars, Big Ole Face Full of Monster, Cadaver Girls and the Cadaver Girls 2008 Calendar as well as e-zines Monster Island News and Vicious 13 Vixens.

After spending the last five years locked in a room watching horror flicks, b-films, trash cinema and midnight movies, the Queen has returned to reclaim her throne. Her new show, MIDNIGHT MOVIE ATTACK, debuting next year, features The Queen and her rat-friend Rollo, watching Trash Cinema in a transient hotel.